"Paella valenciana" Recipe

Ingredients (serves 4)

• 700 gr. chiken (Cutted in egg-sized pieces)

• 240 gr. green beans

• 160 gr. “garrofón” (Valencian beans)

• 65 gr. well chopped tomato

• 100 ml. of olive oil

• 800 ml. water

• 20 gr. salt

• 2 gr. sweet paprika powder

• 1,5 gr. of saffron or Paella Spice Mix.

• 400 gr. Rice (Around 100 gr. per person)


We recommend a 36cm paella pan for 4 main courses of paella. Paella is tastier when it´s thin than when it´s thick, so we suggest don´t choose a tight size for a paella pan.

First of all pour the oil and when it is very hot, add the meat and salt. When it´s fried golden, add green beans and 2 minutes later tomato, "garrofon" and the paprika powder. Stir everything until it´s well fried. Immediately afterwards add the water, saffron and salt. Let it boil for 15 min (Medium flame). Now add the rice, distributing it very well all over in the paella pan and let it cook for 12 minutes more.

The rice, already dried, has to be for some minutes in repose before being served.

You also can add a trickle of lemon juice before you eat it.

Enjoy your meal!

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