LotusGrill - Beech Charcoal 1 Kg, box

Product Code: LK-1000-B
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LotusGrill - Beech Charcoal 1 Kg, box


LotusGrill Beech Charcoal has an extremely high carbon content and calorific value. This results in a particularly short ignition time. LotusGrill Beech Charcoal burns hotter and glows longer than ordinary charcoal. LotusGrill Beech Charcoal is a 100% natural product made without any external energy in Europe's most modern manufacturing facility.

This product is optimized to be used with LotusGrill products. The content of ths beech charcoal package ables you to grill with LotusGrill barbecue up to 6 times.

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Antonio | 29/07/2015
Score: ( 10 /10 )
Muy buen carbón, dura mucho y da muy buen sabor a la carne.
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