LotusGrill - Barbecue Bag

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  • Each package, 8 bags
  • Transparent
  • 35x24 cm
  • For grill or oven
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LotusGrill - Barbecue Bag


Thanks to barbecue bags LotusGrill you will discover a new and tastiness way to cooking. They are designed especially for LotusGrill barbecues but you can use them in ovens.

In this bags we can put small pieces of food which can fall through the grill. With these bags we can enjoy the taste of grill without worries about the size of the food. Also, the bags will maintain the oil and sauces near the food. In other case, they would fall inside the barbecue. Due to this proximity, the food will have an intense taste. 

This oven or barbecue bags help us to maintain clean our LotusGrill barbecue beacuse the food do not touch the grill. This will lengthen the life of the grill.

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