Lotus Grill - Grill Hood XL

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  • Ventilation slot 
  • Icludes glas hood
  • Suitable for LotusGrill XL barbecue
  • Thermometer
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Lotus Grill - Grill Hood XL 1

With LotusGrill Grill Hood XL, you will be able to exploid your LotusGrill XL barbecue. Thanks to it, you are not only capable of grilling, you will bake or roast your favorite dishes. Also, it prevents heat to escape.

In addition, it includes a glass hood which has a thermometer in its top. With this tool you will find easy to control the heat and your dishes will be perfect. 

The LotusGrill Grill Hood XL has regulable ventilation slots which will help you to regulate the temperature inside the barbecue.

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