"Fideuà" Recipe

Fish broth (for 6 people):

-  1 kilo and a half of assorted rok fish and shellfish.

-  1/4 of a kilo of cuttelish.

-  1/4 of clam.

-  A pinch of sweet paprika powder.

-  A teaspoounful of sea salt.

-  A trickle of olive oil.

-  2, 5 l. of water.

Put everything in a deep pan and then add the water. Cover and simmer for 40 minutes. Then remove the assorted fish and keep clams and rockcod flesh without skin or bones. Keep also the cuttlefish into small cubes.

Fideuà ingredients for 6 people:

- 600g. of especial vermicelli for “fideuà”

- Rock-cod flesh, cuttlefish and clams kept from broth.

- 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped.

- A teaspoounful of sweet paprika powder.

- A pinch of saffron powder.

- 150ml. of olive oil.

- 2 litres of fish broth.

- 250g of prawns.

- 65g of crushed tomato.



We recommend a 40cm paella pan for 6 main courses. Paella and Fideuà is tastier when it´s thin than when it´s thick, so we suggest don´t choose a tight size for a paella pan.

Place the paella pan on the gas burner with the oil, when it´s hot fry the prawns and keep them apart. Then add the cuttlefish till it browns and fry the garlic, sweet paprika powder, crushed tomato and the vermicelli. Stir and add the fish broth. When it comes to the boil put rock-cod flesh, prawns and clams. Leave to boil on high flame for about 10 or 12 minutes. Then 10 minutes on a low flame till it dries. To make the dish even more exquisite you could also add crayfish prawns and even lobsters or shrimps.

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